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Breaking Bad Rotten Tomatoes

Even though it is not the same as winning an Oscar or an Emmy award to be well punctuated on rotten tomatoes is actually pretty important for the Movies and TV industries. This year, Gravity earned the best-reviewed film of the year and it received a tomato award. The movie includes on its cast stars as George Clooney and Sandra Bullock. The site said that it got a 97% of thumbs up from the website’s users. Even though Mud, acted by Matthew McConaughey and Ethan Hawke had a better number (98%) the award is given to Gravity due to the fact that it has a greater number of reviews.

But, what happened with TV Series? What happened with Breaking Bad rotten tomatoes ? It happened what it was expected: Season 5 of Bryan Cranston’s series earned the big price. And, to be honest, who wouldn’t give a thumbs up to Breaking Bad? This series is one of the most watched all across the country and it has become a cult series even though it is still going on.

For Breaking Bad fans this is not news. Breaking Bad has been winning all sorts of awards ever since it started. This groundbreaking amazing series, some say, will be remembered.